Ted Baker

For this project, I was asked to produce two prints, these prints would be 
used on accessories and clothing, we had to choose between men’s and women’s. 
When approaching this brief I decided I would design a print for women’s clothing 
which could also be applied to different accessories.

In terms of initial ideas I decided to look into a combination of themes, these themes 
were based on the fashion industry in 2018; transcendence, infinite, geometry, and nature. I had noticed these themes in a trend book whilst researching for inspiration, the different patterns and abstract pieces inspired me to experiment more so with my prints.
 This allowed me to study at a range of shapes, objects, and even ideas, these included crystals, star constellations and Japanese art work. It is probably important to note that Ted Baker’s range has spread to the Eastern side of the world, hence why I wanted 
to also look into the culture and art work.
'The Constellation of Big Dipper'
'The Constellation of Orion'
Examples of Print Application

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